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Common Home Sale Problems


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Water Damage

Water damage can damage furniture, plumbing, flooring, walls, electronics, and even appliances. Often it can be hard to notice signs of water damage in a home, and it is left un-inspected until a natural disaster occurs (snowstorms, hail, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tropical depressions, earthquakes, etc). Regardless of its origin, water damage can often lead to the growth of mold and the introduction of invasive insects.

If your house has suffered water damage from city water, a personal well, appliances, or natural disasters, you’re probably aware of the extensive effect it can have on your home and your health. Often, the damage will require costly repairs—even preventative measures taken against further damage can be excruciatingly expensive.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the money to fix or prevent further damage to their house, and are left with the option of watching their house fall in price instead of appreciating in value, and their health slowly deteriorate. Instead, you can Hometown Real Estate to get out from under your home and get the best price you can to start again in a new house.

Termite Damage

Sometimes during the inspection process or even while performing home maintenance, you may find termite damage, or a termite infestation. Depending on the degree of damage the termites have done to the home, prospective buyers may not decide to buy. Worse still, you may have trouble keeping or getting a Real Estate Agent to help sell your home as its unlikely they will make much money, if at all.

Rather than spend that time and those resources on the already difficult task of selling a home, sell to Hometown Real Estate. Termite damage can greatly delay and derail the sale of a home, and as will water damage, its best to get out ahead of it and sell your house as fast as possible. We understand the weight of the issue and are ready to help you deal with the problem when you are. If you have termite damage, please look to sell your home with Hometown Rea Estate.

Hoarder Problems

Hoarding is often a terrible mental condition that many can’t control, and leaves them in an unsustainable environment that can’t be maintained. Often times, when moving to help find a more suitable and stable place for them to stay, you may need to look at taking ownership of the property. Once that’s done, inspections are often needed to get a proper grasp of just how much damage has been done to the house. Some times extreme cleaning crews or even doing it yourself may get the job done, or the damage can be too costly, or maybe even irreparable.

In these cases it may be time to sell the house as-is. Most Realtors and Real Estate Agents will struggle to take the sale if at all, leaving you few options. Knowing the level of damage and the health risk in dealing with the home may lead you to sell. We understand the position you’re in and would like to give you a consultation offer.

Probate or Inherited Property

Managing your home can be a tough task, and most homeowners understand that home maintenance is part of owning a home. Inheriting a house can be even more difficult. The same care and maintenance you need to give your own house will be needed for a secondary home you don’t live in. Often times, inheriting a home also comes with a host of unforeseen issues that weren’t able to be taken care of before hand. Damage to the property, faulty appliances left unchecked, increased taxes, mortgages, and inspections fees are all headaches that don’t go away anytime soon owning the property.

Unfortunately, sometimes folks aren’t able to afford the new expenses that come with inheriting a home, be it from time or money. We’ve spent years working with many people dealing with this problem and many others, and can help walk you through the difficult process of selling a home in Probate. With our experience we hope to help you deal with the problems and come out the otherwise with something besides a headache or a broken heart.


Times can be tough, and sometimes you can deal with a situation where you don’t make as much as you used to. Other times, the bills can bloat far beyond what they were when you first bought your home. The difficulty of deciding on what to do in this and other late payment problems become mounting concerns. If you, like most people, have a decent amount of equity in your home, you may need to look at selling your home. Unfortunately, you may need to do it quicker then you ever intended. We can make you an offer for your house before the bank can foreclose and take away that equity.

There are dozens of reasons Americans find themselves stuck in this position. However, the more you continue to wait, the worse it gets. There is never any obligation or pressure to sell your house by contacting us. Whatever the reason, if you are facing foreclosure, we can help you get out of it by buying your property.

Property in Need of Renovations

Renovating your house can sometimes be a crucial step to selling your home. Fettered carpets and ragged wood tile, even bubbling linoleum can leave a house terribly undervalued on the market. This leaves you with very few options. The first would be to buy the materials and do the renovations yourself. Doing so takes an incredible amount of time and energy, and the end product may not be professional quality. If you can afford a specialist, you can always have the house renovated, but are still delayed by months waiting for them to be finished before you can even think about listing the home or bringing in home inspectors.

Often, those looking to have their home renovated before they sell their house are looking for the best bang for their buck. Adding in the materials cost, labor, possible mistakes, and the time necessary to complete the task leaves you with possibly needing to wait an extra year or more before you can sell your home. That’s not to mention the likelihood that after laying down that new flooring or painting the walls may need to be removed due to water damage, mold, termites, foundational damage, etc. All of that extra time and money is left for you to foot the bill.

Rather, it would be better to sell the house fast and strike while the iron is hot. Most Homeowners don’t take into account the legal fees, Realtor fees, and the amount of time their house may be on the market affects the money they receive when all is said and done. You may even be left with far less money then the home is worth, and even spent extra time toiling away. Instead, its probably best to look at selling the home to an investor. Hometown Real Estate is here to buy your home from you, only needing one showing to give you a fair quote.

Foundation Damage or in Need of Repair

Foundation damage can be a sneaky thing that you may only notice as you bring on inspectors while looking to list your house. While the symptoms may seem minor, even invisible, foundation repair can cost tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes even costing more than the property itself. Sinkholes, Earthquakes, Storm or Seasonal Damage are all problems that can leave your home needing repairs that are just too big to manage.

But that might not be all of your worries. A house in need of other repairs, even cosmetic, can costs collectively thousands of dollars. All of these more minor details can drop the value of a house by a staggering amount. While you may want to make the repairs yourself, you may not know how to. Worse still, the cost of hiring a professional may out-weigh the benefit to selling to a direct buyer now.

Any form of home damage is factor in selling a house. Whether it be structural damage, electrical, infestation-related, or cosmetic, damage to your home will continue to bring down the value of your property, and lose you equity in the process. Here at Hometown Real Estate, we will buy your property as-is after just one meeting. We understand that selling your home is troublesome at the least, and the added factor of house repair can make the situation unmanageable. Call Hometown Real Estate today to set up your consultation.

Job Relocation

Whether it be because you planned it or you’ve saddled with the tough task to move to a new place for work, moving can often be the least of your concerns. Not only do you have a limited time to get your affairs in order and spending time to see what assets need to be liquidated before the move, you don’t have the time to wait three months to a year before your house sells. Worse still, if you aren’t able to fix-up the home before moving, its nearly impossible to come back and repair the home in the case the home isn’t selling.

Whatever the situation, Hometown Real Estate is here to help you deal with the situation quickly and efficiently. Relocating can be a taxing process from saying goodbye to friends and family, to making multiple trips across state or county lines in order to be settled-in before your next start date.Call (321) 503-0000 now to get your appointment as soon as possible.

Sell a House Without a Realtor

Hiring a Realtor for the purpose of selling your home can often be a win-win scenario, but this is not always the case. Commission Fees can take a large chunk of the profit, as well as Listing Fees, Marketing Fees, and Closing Costs chip away at what remains leaving you with a far less substantial amount of money. Most of these fees are either passed onto the Homeowner or Realtors will charge an even percentage of the property in their commission to compensate, leveraging the cost against their profit margin.

We work with Brokers regularly, but we do see that there a lot of cases where selling directly can save thousands of dollars in fees to sell the house. We are here to help Homeowners or Landlords like yourself be free of a property you just don’t want or need to get rid of. Hometown Real Estate is here to buy your home with an offer and sale faster than a Realtor or Real Estate Agent can provide.

Sell Rental Property

Rental properties accrue all kinds of problems, from property damage to tax hikes to maintenance issues. Being a Landlord is a full time job, and dealing with the invest of time, money, and attention can leave you drained and unable to focus on work, family, or self-improvement. If you’re a Landlord, you understand that managing finances, applications, lease agreements, tenants, contractors, and even the house itself can be tiring.

Why not sell to Hometown Real Estate? We understand the burden this can be, and are ready to buy a house in any condition. If your house has been vacant or the struggle of maintaining the house has just been too much, you don’t have to worry anymore. In a matter of days you can sell your house to Hometown Real Estate and have your money in hand.


Going through divorce can be one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do in your life. There’s nothing quite as emotional, and a lot of those emotions are tied up in your house. Depending on the circumstances you may want to leave that place behind you, and recover what you can from a trying time. However, the legal process can cause numerous delays throughout the process and long afterwards, complicating any attempt at a sale.

Due to a Realtor’s time constraints they often can’t afford to spend that time caught up in attorney-client proceedings. We know how to work with attorneys and understand all the hurdles that the divorce may include. Few events are quite as stressful as divorce, and selling your home shouldn’t complicate your life further. If you choose to sell your home, please know that Hometown Real Estate can help you sell fast, and sell with money in hand, when you’re ready to sell.